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Shed Options

24" Deep Workbench - $12 Linear Ft

Our work bench runs the full width of the shed and is 24″ deep. Perfect for a potting bench or tool bench. It also can be used as a nice storage shelf for boxes.

Additional Windows - $120 each

Sheds with 10ft length walls, 1 window is included.  Sheds with 12ft length walls or longer, 2 windows are included.

32" Deep Loft - $15 Linear Ft

Our storage loft runs the full width of the shed and is 32″ deep. It is a great way to save floor space. Use it for bulky items like patio cushions or umbrellas

Flower Boxes - $45ea

Vinyl flower boxes are Available in White, Black, Green, Maroon, Blue

Heavy Duty Ramp - $120

If you have a ride on mower or snow blower then you will want this ramp. We build them to withstand heavy loads.

Custom Painting - $4.50 Per Sq Ft ($250 Minimum)

We offer custom painting of your sheds. If you would like different color than the standard tan.

Extra Single Door - $200

Roll Up Door

7×7 — $890
8×7 — $990

Metal Roof

$4.50 per square feet

9x27" Shutters - $45pr

Vinyl shutters are Available in White, Black, Green, Maroon, Blue

Old Shed Demo And Dump Service - $8 per Sq Ft

We offer shed demo and removal services in our local area (within a 15-mile radius of our location). We charge $8,00 per square ft. Example: 10×10 Old Shed = 100sq ft so the price would be $800 to demo and dump.

Extra Set Of Double Doors - $300

Sometimes customers may want two sets of double doors for easier access into the shed.

Standard Side Wall is 6.5ft tall

Extra High 7ft Side Walls – $300

High Top 8ft Side Walls – $400

Barn Style Sheds

Are you looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor space while gaining practical storage solutions? Look no further than our barn-style sheds. Not only do these sheds evoke a timeless appeal, but they also provide plenty of storage capacity and versatility. Thanks to their classic gambrel roof design, you’ll enjoy increased headroom and loft space, perfect for maximizing storage and organization.

We offer a selection of barn-style sheds, available in various sizes, configurations, and finishes to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you envision a cozy miniature barn or a spacious multi-purpose structure, we have the perfect shed to complement your lifestyle and enhance your property.

Contact us  today to find your ideal barn-style shed!



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